The significant message from Anabel Pantoja’s boyfriend before going to ‘Survivors’

Omar Sanchez is one of the contestants of ‘Survivors 2021’. The canary started the contest very strong but, over the weeks, he has had several ups and downs and some other collision.

But beyond the disputes, the survivor is missing a lot to his girlfriend and fiancee, Anabel
Pantoja. The couple is used to parting ways for work on a few days, but they had never been so long without seeing each other. And, of course, the collaborator of ‘Save me’He would also like to meet again with his boy, whom he has defended tooth and nail on the Mediaset sets.

Omar Sánchez: “I feel lucky to have you”

Therefore, this Thursday night the niece of the tonadillera shared on Instagram the affectionate message that Omar dedicated to her before leaving for Honduras. “Even if I have some bad days, you are always there to support me and help me. I feel lucky to have you. I just want you to know that sometimes you complain because I don’t tell you that I love you and that I only want one life with you, darling”Wrote the young man, who has spent a particularly hard week in‘ Survivors ’.

The significant message from Anabel Pantoja’s boyfriend before going to ‘Survivors’.

Omar Sánchez receives a call from Anabel Pantoja

Last Monday at ‘Connection Honduras’, Omar had a very special privilege: receive a call from a loved one. And the contestant didn’t think twice and said he wanted to talk to his girl. Thus, both starred during the gala presented by Jordi Gonzalez a brief but very emotional encounter.

“Hi dear. Listen to me. You are doing great. What I want you to know is that this is hard, I already told you. And you have to have moments of downturn and nothing happens. The family is fine, everyone with you. Super proud. We are all with you”, Began the niece of Isabel pantoja.

In addition, the premium of Kiko rivera she wanted to take the opportunity to give her boyfriend some advice: “What I want is for you not to come down. Struggle. And be happy a little. All colleagues are the same, you are there each for whatever reason. It is many hours, do not get into fights with anyone”. “You know what awaits you when you return, that I love you, that I love you, that I adore you,” Anabel added to say goodbye. “Every sunrise I think of you”, Assured Omar, very excited.

Omar Sánchez receives the call from Anabel Pantoja.

Omar Sánchez receives the call from Anabel Pantoja.