The shocking video of Helen Lindes singing: ‘I show it to you with a little fear’

The model Helen Lindes He has turned to his Instagram profile, where he has more than 346 thousand followers, to share a video in which he appears performing one of his favorite songs: ‘Thank you‘By the English singer-songwriter Dido.

“Here I reveal to you a very intimate facet that I have discovered recently … I really like singing, it relaxes me and makes me feel good. I find it in a certain way, therapeutic ”, the Catalan started. “I’ve only been getting to know this universe for a couple of months and I love being able to discover new challenges that make me grow inside.”

Lindes explained that “this is a piece of one of my favorite songs that takes me back to my adolescence,‘Thank You ’by Dido”. “I hope you like it, I teach it to you with a little fear but with the utmost respect and affection for this profession,” he insisted.

“Thank you @enriquesequero for being my guide and @martaasturias for the motivation and for believing in me, even when sometimes I find it hard to believe in myself,” said the winner of the 2000 Miss Spain pageant.

The ‘post’ of Lindes It has not been slow to “sweep” the social networks. In just a few hours, it has exceeded 137 thousand views and has accumulated thousands of comments. “What a bigger surprise,” said an Instagram user in the comments section of the publication. “You do great,” added another.