The shocking story of Aintzane Gorria, the athlete who overcame bulimia

Sport leaves us with moving stories. This is one of them. An elite athlete, preparing for the Tokyo Games, has told in first person how she overcame the most difficult test of her life: the battle against bulimia.

With enormous courage, the Navarrese fighter Aintzane Gorria He has explained on social networks how his fight has been in order to help girls cope with this disease.

The bulimia removed the Navarrese from the tapestry a year ago but could not cope with it. Now the champion continues to prepare to reach the Tokyo 2021 Games.

“I have been asked who my sports idol was and I have not been able to answer. Now I realize that, although it sounds arrogant, I am a fight, I am a sport and my idol is myself ”, explained the Navarrese fighter Aintzane Gorria on social networks.

Gorria He is not afraid to count things openly, not even when it comes to bulimia, which, in his words, is a “very complicated disease that makes you have a super distorted reality” and also “You are ashamed to have it“Which makes it” more difficult for you to open up to the rest “.

He admits that at first he thought: “I am not sick“,” I do not need help “, but a psychologist made him realize that he did not have” control “over her, nor over her life and he is sincere when saying that” without him it would not have been possible “because at the time the one who began to tell him what was happening to him, also began “the healing process”.

On the other hand, the fact that he was in treatment and withdrawn from the competition made him withdraw his “Podium Grant”, granted by Telefónica and the Spanish Olympic Committee. “I was hurt by the little empathy they had with me and the little they valued me beyond the money,” he recalls sadly.

To end, Gorria He wanted to send a positive message: “The people who are going through this right now are in a hole so big that they cannot see beyond”, but “when you go outside you see things differently and everything is much more beautiful” and you realize “what you are capable of achieving” and you are “much happier”.