The shocking and surreal head clash of Trippier and Ings

Curious and shocking image that was given on Monday in the training of the English team. In one of the exercises, Kieran trippier, player of the Atlético de Madrid, and Danny Ings, from Southampton, collided violently, head to head. Both were lying on the pitch and had to be treated.

It is an exercise in which the players are paired and, at the command of the physical trainer, one must chase another. Trippier yes he ran off in the indicated direction, chasing Ings, but the Southampton man understood it the other way around and went to hunt down the mattress footballer, with the consequent crash.

Luckily, everything was a scare, and both will be able to play this Tuesday against Denmark at 8:45 pm, on the second day of the Nations League. In the first, England beat Iceland 1-0, with Trippier acting as the left back.