The shadow of the Harry-Meghan affair looms over the Norwegian royal family

The princess Marta Luisa from Norway revealed this Tuesday that, as Prince Harry did months ago, plans to move with her three daughters to the United States to live with the shaman Durek Verret, with whom he has been in a relationship for two years.

The couple have not seen each other since Verret’s last visit to Norway before Christmas.. After the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, they had only met again in the United States, the shaman’s country of origin and residence.

Right now, with covid, it is difficult to make plans, but the idea is to move out over time. The girls of course come with me“The eldest daughter of kings Harald V and Sonia, fourth in the line of succession to the throne, said in an interview to the newspaper” VG “.

Marta Luisa, 49 years old and three years older than Verret, However, he assured that he will keep his house in Lommedalen, on the outskirts of Oslo, and that he will also spend long periods in Norway.

He is now in Los Angeles and we don’t know when we can see each other again.“Said the princess in an interview before the premiere of” Marta “, a documentary series in which she was followed for a year by TV2 cameras.

In the series, which premieres tomorrow, Marta Luisa talks about her complicated relationship with the media, her role in the royal family and the penalty for the death of her ex-husband Ari Behn, who committed suicide on Christmas Day 2019.

Behn, 47, was married to her between 2002 and 2017, when he starred in the first royal divorce in two centuries.

Together they had three daughters: Maud Angelica, 17; Leah Isadora, 15, and Emma Tallulah, 12.

Marta Luisa and Verret, spiritual guide to celebrities like actress Gwyneth Paltrow, revealed their relationship in May 2019, days before starting a conference tour of Scandinavia called “The Princess and the Shaman”, which received harsh criticism and led her to announce later that she would stop using her title for commercial purposes.

Verret’s alleged healing powers were also the subject of controversy, although he denied in an interview on Norwegian television that he had said he could cure leukemia or other ailments.

Verret had shown his intention to move to Norway, but changed his position due to criticism from the Norwegian media.

Marta Luisa has been involved in controversy in the past. The most notorious took place fourteen years ago, when she promoted a school with a friend to promote “contact” with angels, while boasting of having supernatural powers.