The sexual confession of a ‘First Dates’ contestant that shocked Sobera

The fans of ‘First Dates’They enjoyed this Monday a fun date that they starred in Lissy and José, two participants of the ‘dating show’ presented by Carlos Sobera. Both had a pleasant and relaxed evening with the odd one confession and, unsurprisingly, their blind encounter was much commented on in the social media.

Without a doubt, the one who drew the most attention to fans of the Mediaset format was Lissy, who the program itself presented as one of the “most explosive” diners in its history. “I am a manicurist and I like to scratch my long nails. I am a girl of the moment, spontaneous, charismatic, I like makeup, wigs, nails. Whoever is with me will have several Lissys, because I am pure variety”, The young woman was defined in the totals.

Lissy, the ‘First Dates’ participant who shocked Carlos Sobera.

Already with Carlos Sobera, the protagonist explained what kind of boy she was looking for in the program. “I’m looking for someone to turn me on. I am looking for a sexy boy, who likes to travel, share, know different experiences, that does not have taboos in sex and in love. I really fell in love once, but he was unfaithful to me, I was going to be faithful to him and I’m a bit of a ‘slut’, but it happened like this, ”he revealed before meeting José, his date.

Between Lissy and José, who defines himself as a “hardworking and degenerate” person, sparks flew from the beginning. “I am a manicurist and I can do you like this“, She commented to him while she ran the nails by the arm to him. “And the stronger the better, is that I am a little animal”, Answered José. “This date is turning animal, so better take them to the table“, Suggested at that time Matias to the presenter, who proceeded to escort the guests to their table.

Lissy, participant of 'First Dates', with her date.

Lissy, participant of ‘First Dates’, with her date.

“When I’m stressed, if I’m alone, I masturbate”

It was then that Sobera asked a question whose answer, on Lissy’s part, was not expecting. “Let’s not stress, huh. What do you do when you get stressed?”, The presenter asked José in the first place. “It makes me hot, I sweat and I take off my clothes,” said the Murcian. “And you, Lissy?” Asked the owner of the place. “I jerk off sometimes, if I’m alone, I masturbate”, Replied the young woman, leaving the presenter speechless. “I have stayed dead, he goes without fear, what happens is that he has run into the church, I can moderate a bit but he has run into the church”Said the driver of‘No man’s land‘, Between laughs.

The sexual confession of a 'First Dates' contestant that shocked Carlos Sobera.

The sexual confession of a ‘First Dates’ contestant that shocked Carlos Sobera.