The seven keys to the ‘Fuenlabrada Case’

The postponement of Deportivo-Fuenlabrada, due to the positive of coronavirus in the Madrid team, has generated turbulence in Spanish football, two open files, one in The league and another in the Spanish Federation, the threat that it will end in ordinary justice and a proposal to solve it: expand to 24 the teams in the silver category only in the 2020/21 season.

The meeting, corresponding to the last date of the regular phase of LaLiga SmartBank, was suspended by LaLiga, the Spanish Football Federation and the Higher Sports Council at just a few hours from the scheduled time for the dispute of a day that should have been held in a unified time and which leaves seven keys.


The Fuenlabrada met the first case of positive by COVID-19 in its staff on Saturday, on Sunday they underwent PCR test the rest of the team (sports and non-sports personnel) and three other cases emerged; and on Monday, the day of the game, in the morning, those who had given negative tests passed again and the expedition traveled without knowing their results.

In A Coruña, at snack time at the concentration hotel, according to LaLiga data, the news of new positives arrives, meetings are established with the Federation and the CSD and it is agreed to suspend only the Deportivo-Fuenlabrada breaking the provisions of a circular from the federal entity to dispute the day at the same time.


The Fuenlabreño team, which did not move to the Abanca-Riazor Stadium, where Deportivo was waiting for him, had to be confined in the hotel due to the positives for coronavirus and the day was played in the rest of the fields.

He Fuenlabrada, who defended his promotion promotion position that day (he needed a point), he saw how the Elche and the Lightning In the table; he Sports, who depended on other results to continue in professional football, suffered the mathematical decline due to the victories of the Lugo and the Albacete.

It could have been the case that both Fuenlabrada and Dépor would have been worth a draw to achieve their respective objectives if the party came to play days after being suspended, something that would also have raised suspicions and controversy.


He FuenlabradaIn a historic year, he has clung to his intention to play the game; he Sports, with players of rest from the day after the suspended appointment, he undertook the defense of his interests in the sports instances when he felt seriously hurt by not being able to play the day in a unified schedule.

The Blue and Whites understood that the whole day should have been suspended, not only their match, that the results of Albacete and Lugo They might have been different if they had played as intended.


The party generated two files, one in The league and another in the Spanish Federation with very different lines.

The closest thing between them is that in LaLiga, the Sports requested the recusal of the judge for having, supposedly, links with a high position of the club association; and in the Federation it was the Fuenlabrada the one that challenged the instructor because, according to the Madrid club, he had a relationship with Deportivo directors.

Both judges have continued to lead the respective processes, although Deportivo has led the TAD (Administrative Court of Sport) your challenge request.

While the de The league He understood that the Fuenlabrada acted correctly and rebuked Deportivo and the Galician politicians, although without express allusion, for the “media noise” that had caused the suspension of the party.

In the LaLiga procedure, in its resolution of July 26, the judge of Social Discipline, Manuel Rivero González, agreed “not to adopt the provisional measure requested by the instructor, consisting of the suspension of the right” of Fuenlabrada to participate in professional competition during the processing of the file.

Four days later, the Federation instructor proposed to the Competition Committee the precautionary measure that the match would be considered lost by the Madrid team, whom he criticized for his attitude in the outbreak of coronavirus that he had in the team, and blamed him for putting at risk, among others, the staff and the umpires who were staying at your hotel.

However the Competition Committee dismissed the injunction of the party’s loss by Fuenlabrada and declare winner the Sports, something that would have left the Madrid team out of the playoff and that would have been valid for the A Coruña team to overtake Numancia.

The people of A Coruña would continue to decline, but could be saved in the event that Fuenlabrada was punished with the loss of the category.


He A Coruña City Council brought to the attention of the Prosecutor’s Office the journey of Fuenlabrada Galicia with positive cases in case a crime against public health could have been committed; and, at the same time, several individuals filed three complaints in the Coruña courts against Fuenlabrada, LaLiga and its president, Javier Thebes, for the same reason.

Last Friday, the owner of the Investigating Court number 6 of A Coruña, in which the three complaints fell, he reported, according to the Superior Court of Justice of Galicia, who saw no evidence of the commission of the crime, although he agreed to request the Judicial police preparing a report on the circumstances of the Fuenlabrada trip.


Also on Friday, the Spanish Football Federation, in a letter from the secretary general to the president of LaLiga, raised a Second Division of 24 teams.

In the letter, the secretary recalled the open investigation in the Court of A Coruña and the resolution of Competition to dismiss the precautionary measure of giving up the match to Fuenlabrada.

In addition, that same day, that Committee had also rejected that the suspended party be played, as the Fuenlabrada and LaLiga intended, this Sunday.


The approach of the Spanish Federation to expand only in the 2020/21 season the Second League in two other teams has opened the debate.

To the Sports and at Numantia, the clubs that had permanence options on the last day and that dropped, would satisfy them; but not to those who had previously descended: Estremadura and Racing de Santander, who also claim permanence.

Furthermore, the Vallecano Ray advocates a six-team playoff instead of the usual four and the Elche, ranked sixth at the expense of what happens with the Dépor-Fuenla, Prepare that appointment to try to go up to First.

On the other hand, a League of 24 will influence the distribution of television rights as the teams increase, although LaLiga would save the amounts corresponding to the descent insurance of the Numantia and the Sports, which could be distributed among the sets in the silver category.