The Selection that Luis Enrique should take to the Euro according to Artificial Intelligence

The convocation of Luis Enrique for the next Eurocup has generated a great stir, especially due to the absence of the captain of the Spanish soccer team, Sergio Ramos. A qualitative study of the performance of the selectable carried out by
with techniques of Artificial Intelligence (AI), who objectively assesses every action that occurs on the pitch, has agreed with the critics with the coach’s decision in this case. Of course, the data used by the predictive model used are qualitative, not quantitative, that is, in the case of Sergio Ramos they take into account his impact when he has been on the pitch, but not how many minutes he has played or how often actions he has carried out, something fundamental that has made Luis Enrique make the difficult decision to leave him out of the tournament.

Olocip’s doctors and AI specialists have created a system based on AI techniques that determines the value of each share. With this they include a list in which they coincide in many points with the Spanish coach, although it also includes names that could undoubtedly have entered the final call, as Luis Enrique himself admitted at a press conference after his difficult decision.

This would be the list of summoned that according to this AI model should have gone to the Eurocup:

– Mario Hermoso (Atlético de Madrid)

– Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid)

– Jesús Navas (Seville)

– Sergio Canales (Betis)

– Dani Parejo (Villarreal)

– Luis Alberto (Lazio)

– Suso (Seville)

– Iago Aspas (Celta de Vigo)

They would be left out: Álvaro Morata (Juventus), Diego Llorente (Leeds), Pedri (Barça), Sarabia (PSG) and Eric García (Manchester City).

Olocip’s squad does not include goalkeepers and includes three more outfield players than those chosen by the Spanish coach. The most valued player of all (including those selected that coincide with Luis Enrique’s decision) is Luis Alberto (100). Suso, Jordi Alba or Gerard Moreno add up to 99.

Players such as Jesús Navas (1st in centers, 4th in successful passes, 9th in passes ahead of LaLiga), Luis Alberto (4th in total passes, 3rd in game construction, 7th in completion of Serie A), Aspas (2nd in driving, 2nd in assists, 4th in passes to the gap or 10th in LaLiga shots) and Parejo (2nd in total passes, 2nd in game construction, 4th in forward passes or 7th in successful passes).

Sergio Ramos, who despite having played fewer minutes than other seasons and not being in any top in variables when we talk about accumulated, is a player who with his actions generates a very high value both in game construction (98), and in offense (97) and defensive (75). However, the Real Madrid player has hardly participated this season.

This is Luis Enrique’s list