The secret of the eternal youth of Jorge Molina

Molina. About to turn 39 years old. Footballer, entrepreneur and businessman. In less than six months, he has scored eleven goals and five assists in more than forty games already played. He says the key is illusion. That he loves the tension and the nerves of the encounters.

But in its brilliant sporting longevity there is a secret. It is in the food. And it is the intermittent fasting that he has been doing for more than a year and a half. Many days you go 16 hours without eating. From time to time it reaches 24 hours. Since it has been better than ever. One of the stars of ‘EuroGranada’.

The Alcoy striker discovered intermittent fasting when he was playing for Getafe. Through a colleague he met the nutritionist Endika Montiel, who works a lot with a technique that does not consist in eating less but in distributing food intakes a little more over time.

“At first I thought that I was not going to be able to do it because I have always liked eating a lot, but I have experienced it and the sensations are great. I do it daily, it is very good for me and it is helping me a lot”, indicates Jorge Molina to EFE.

The veteran attacker makes it clear that he practices it because he is “much better” than before and because he believes that it is being “beneficial” in every way.

In fact, he does not give too much importance to this intermittent fasting by stating that “it is something that everyone does while they sleep”, since “if you eat dinner a little earlier and have breakfast later, you are already fasting for twelve hours, which it is a beginning to adapt you “.

Jorge Molina practices it almost daily, he is part of the eternal youth he lives. Depending on the day and week “it varies a little” and makes “a fasting a little longer or a little shorter”. It is important to contextualize the short term. “The one I do most often is 16 hours. I have dinner at night and the next morning I have coffee, with that I train and lunch at noon. If one day I consider it appropriate I do 24 hours, from dinner to dinner”, exposes with total naturalness.

He is not satisfied with giving classes on the pitch with a ball in between. He also does it to explain what is sought with intermittent fasting: “It is to give different parts of the body their rest time, that is not all the time working on digestions and others. It does not have to do with weight, nutrients them you contribute the same, what is different is the distribution of meals. “

Ibrahimovic, Modric, Buffon, Thiago Silva, Jesús Navas, Piqué …

It is evidence that in today’s football players are retiring with increasing age. Not only that. There are not a few who maintain a high level well above thirty, when the normal thing is to start the decline.

Ibrahimovic, Modric, Buffon, Thiago Silva, Jesús Navas, Piqué, Sergio Ramos, Joaquín or the insatiable Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are part of a list that can also include Soldier, Jorge Molina’s attack and fatigue partner in the surprising and brilliant Granada.

There are several causes behind this sporting longevity. For the rojiblanco tip, who will turn 40 as a Granada player next year because he has one more year of contract, “food is very important” and, therefore, the “nutritionist advice” he receives helps him “a lot”.

In case accumulating more than two thousand minutes of play and being the most decisive footballer of the team in attack were not enough, there is another revealing data. He is the only member of the squad, including goalkeepers, who has been available in the nearly fifty games that Granada has already accumulated this season. He justifies it in his own way.

“I have been fortunate all my life, I have had very few injuries and I have never had a muscle break. I am fortunate and we touch wood to continue like this and be available for when the coach sees fit,” he argues.

Jorge Molina, during the match against Molde

“With age you get to know your body more, especially what is better for you in relation to complementary exercises or at the time of preventive work,” says Jorge Molina.

He says that he lives “by and for football”, although in his life he has had time to do many more things than score goals, give assists and throw break marks.

For example, he demonstrates his nutritional knowledge by stating that, with his age, “the percentage of fat you have is very low, so the ideal is to maintain the weight, trying to lower that fat somewhat and gain more muscle”.

Last year it also made its debut in investment with the opening of its first sports center, located in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), next to the Sano Center chain, a place where people carry out sports practice appropriate to their individual needs .

There is more. He has a degree in Teaching and a degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. And he also has the titles of coach and sports director.

He does not know what he will do when he leaves football

However, as “the most beautiful thing is to enjoy football as a player” and has “intact” the illusion, he still does not know what he wants to be when he grows up. “The important thing is to be prepared for when you leave football active, to be able to decide before what arises, and do it with full faculties,” he says without being clear yet what he will do, although between businessman, sports director or coach, he throws more “for the field”.

Regarding the role of coach, he is aware that “in the dressing room it is more difficult to bring the personalities of 25 different people than that related to tactical concepts, that ability to know how to lead the group is the most difficult thing for a coach.”

Jorge Molina will reach 39 springs this April. He will celebrate it with Granada facing, among others, Barcelona, ​​Sevilla or Manchester United, with whom they fell in Los Cármenes this Thursday (0-2) in the first leg of a historic quarter-final tie in the Europa League. And without breakfast.

This season he has eleven goals and five assists in more than forty games