The season chained has not resulted in more injuries at Athletic

One might think that the condensed final sprint experienced in the 2019-20 academic year by the pandemic and the one linked to the 2020-21 campaign, with reduced vacations, would affect the number of injuries in the Athletic, But is not the case. Now, with the perspective of time, it can be evaluated. “They have not increased, it is our experience. You can find answers of different kinds, what I count are our numbers “, he detailed Josean lekue.

There are many parameters to translate this circumstance into data: “Injury incidence, days off the players, number of long-term injuries … Based on these criteria, the impact that chaining two seasons has had on our squad and all the effect covid, we cannot say that it is significantly important ”. Although there is “bibliography and scientific publications that do find data from other countries and other professionals in which they describe notable differences.”

The rojiblanco doctor went beyond the physical to explain how the pandemic has affected the players of the Athletic: “It has had an emotional impact, as for everyone, in aspects such as playing without an audience, training in conditions that are not in which a professional usually develops. In that kind of thing.