The sale that Mikel Arteta might be forced to ‘consider’

If, as everything points out, the Arsenal fails to qualify for the next edition of the Champions
League, the ‘gunner’ cadre could be forced to “consider” the sale of one of its great promises to heal its delicate financial situation, according to ‘The

Is about Bukayo
Saka, a versatile footballer born in Ealing who at 19 years of age has already been a four-time international with the English team and who has become one of the fundamental pieces in the scheme Mikel
Arteta, accumulating a total of 35 meetings this season in all competitions, in which he has scored six goals and has distributed seven goal assists.

Saka is one of the ‘Gunners’ footballers with the greatest projection

The Arsenal, ranked ninth in the Premier
League nine points from Chelsea -equipment that currently marks the access positions to the Champions-, you are outside even the zone Europe
League and expects losses of about 150 million pounds due to the pandemic.

This is the classification of the Premier League.