The sale of candles and cords of San Pascual increased before the Villarreal final

Selling shoelaces San Pascual Baylon and other religious ornaments, as well as the lighting of candles increased in the basilica dedicated to this saint, patron of the city of Vila-real, in the days leading up to the end of the Europa League and especially on Wednesday afternoon, the day on which the match won against him was played. Manchester United English, reported sources from this religious temple.

San Pascual Baylón, whose feast is celebrated on May 17, was a Franciscan friar patron of the Eucharistic works and congresses of the Segorbe-Castellón diocese and of the city of Vila-real.

As the meeting approached, some fans appealed to their religious faith and came to ask the saint for the victory of the city team and in the basilica shop, sales rose notably with donations, purchase of the saint’s laces, that are typical in the city, as well as with the lighting of candles, while the prayers multiplied.

In those days, sales multiplied with more than two hundred candles in the two days prior to the match and with as many on the same afternoon as the match.