The sad goodbye of Aleñá’s girlfriend: ‘We were two children, we shared a lot’

Carles Aleñá and Ingrid Gaixas They have been in a discreet relationship for more than five years. During this time, in silence, they have become one of the strongest couples on the football scene and they have filled their personal book with beautiful memories. The majority of them in Barcelona, city that saw the birth of both of them and also of their love.

Carles Aleñá and Ingrid Gaixas have gotten engaged and are expecting their first child together

Shortly after starting their relationship, the young people decided to go live together in a nice house. And there they began to grow their family, first with their puppy Gray and later with little Luca. Now with the signing of the midfielder by Getafe, the family had to say goodbye to Barcelona.

“Here we enter to live as two children, we share many moments. My son has lived in this room for half a year and every corner of this house has me in love. I have laughed in the kitchen until my belly hurt and I have also cried in front of the television in the dining room “, Ingrid started on her Instagram account.

And he continued: “Today is the last night I spend in this house in Barcelona and the people who know me know the affection and attachment I have for these four walls. It has been wonderful living here “.

However, the ‘influencer’ prefers to get the positive part: “I have realized one thing: the memory that these four walls leave me is unique, forever. Starting tomorrow a new adventure begins. I am not saying goodbye to Barcelona, ​​I am saying goodbye to my house. Being four. Because my home is where my family is. Carles, Luca and Gray. And there is no border there. See you soon Barcelona. See you very soon! ”, The tender message ended.