‘The Roland Garros hotel is an absolute toilet’

The tennis player Jamie Murray, former number one in the doubles world and winner of two Grand Slams in this modality, has criticized the organization of Roland Garros for the prizes cut and for the quality of the official hotels.

The Parisian Grand Slam, the second of the year, has suffered a 10% cut in its prize pool, compared to last year, but this reduction has increased to 23% in the doubles discipline

This did not sit well with Murray, brother of Andy, who criticized the French Tennis Federation on social media.

“In addition to moving dates twice for its own benefit, the French Federation continues its ‘we don’t give a shit’ mentality by reducing the prize pool by 23%.

“Thank you for actively supporting the players. By the way, your doubles hotel is a complete toilet.”

The British tennis player will form a couple with the Brazilian Bruno Soares ahead of Roland Garros, which will begin next Sunday, May 30.