The revolution that Wenger plans with the offside

Arsene wenger wants a revolution in football. The former coach, now head of world football development at the FIFA, works on how technology can promote this sport and, in his hands, has a total revolution for the offside system.

As explained by the own Wenger, facing the Qatar World Cup
from 2022, FIFA wants to promote two systems that automate illegal position marking. One of them would be in the form complete automated, with a dispatch to the line clock to indicate whether or not the player is offside. The other alternative will be semi-automatic, since that offside would first pass through the VAR.

I think the automatic offside will be ready by 2022. Automated means that it goes directly from the signal to the linesman and the linesman has a red light on his watch that indicates offside or not “explained Wenger, which clarified that it is a remedy because “at this moment we have situations in which the players are almost online, and it has to be seen if it is offside or not. On average, the time to wait is 70 seconds and sometimes one minute and 20 seconds. Even more if the situation is difficult to appreciate ”.

“It is very important because we see that goal celebrations are canceled a posteriori due to marginal situations and that is why I think it is a very important step forward,” insisted the Frenchman, who clarified that in the semiautomatic system “it goes first to the VAR, who knows it. indicates to the line judge ”, although he clarified that“ I am insisting that it be automated ”.

The semi-automatic system was already used in the 2019 Club World Cup, with many favorable reviews, but the automated system has not yet been used. Now, it must be the Board of the International Football Association (IFAB) that approves or not this introduction of the technology as they pass the football regulations.

“FIFA and IFAB have always maintained that the final decision will be left to the referee, with the technology that is being introduced to provide them with the best possible support,” he concluded. Wenger.