The revolution comes to Antena 3 with Cristina Pedroche and ‘Love Island’

After reaping great success in the United Kingdom and having been adapted in a score of countries, comes to Spain ‘Love Island’, a reality show where a group of singles will try to find love, presented by Cristina Pedroche placeholder image.

“I am happy with the opportunity because I think it is the format that is going to revolutionize the television grid and social networks. It will bring joy and fun in a time when we need it, and lots of love”, The journalist pointed out in a virtual press conference held this Thursday.

Next Sunday, April 11, the Atresmedia Neox channel will premiere this program that Pedroche faces “with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm”. “I had been waiting for a format like this for a long time ”that“ is going to revolutionize the spring”, He assured.

At the press conference, the director of entertainment programs of Atresmedia, Carmen Ferreiro, was present, who explained that this “ambitious project” is a contest whose differentiating feature “is that the viewer will be able to interact with everything that happens in the house”Thanks to an application that is installed on the mobile phone and that will allow“ viewers to vote which islanders they want to date, regardless of whether they are a couple or not, to choose their preferred partner … ”.

Therefore, “It does not have a closed mechanic”, but “there will be turns” since the program will be broadcast with only 24 hours of delay, something that will give it “a direct feeling, a freshness”, has pointed out about the program that will have a daily broadcast from Sunday to Thursday and a special program with unpublished content.

“Love Island” is a production of Atresmedia TV in collaboration with Boomerang TV and is based on the original format of British television ITV Studios and Motion Content Group, which has had versions in about twenty countries.

A total of ten contestants (five men and five women) will be isolated in a village located in the Canary Islands where they will live together and perform different tests or games, always monitored by cameras.

In a first ceremony, the single men and women, who will seek love from the beginning of the program, will be paired with each other. Together they will compete against the other couples in different challenges and games and whoever is left without a partner will be expelled. The winning couple will win a cash prize of 25,000 euros.

As the executive director of entertainment for Boomerang TV, Encarna Pardo, explained at the press conference, the casting was attended by about 8,000 participants and the average age is 26 years. The contestants will be coming and going and a total of 26-28 people of varied profiles and professions will pass.

“There will be an architect, a nurse, a welder, an English teacher, a magician’s assistant, a telemarketer, a saleswoman, marketing professionals, a dancer, an elite athlete… there is everything. We are very happy because the casting is very varied and that is the beauty, that you have very different profiles, “he said.