The reunion of ‘The Island of Temptations 3’: Schedule and where to watch the latest program on TV today

The final stretch of The Island of Temptations 3 takes place this week. Last Monday the debate took place where opinions about the attitudes and experiences that the protagonists of the Telecinco reality show have carried out in their respective villas.

Today, Thursday, the reunion program will be broadcast, which will take place six months later with respect to the end of the reality show, which, as the audience already knows, took place months ago.

This edition of The Island of Temptations the most viewed format and the program most followed by young people in the last 20 years, making it clear that the formula continues to work for Mediaset. With an average of 26.3% share and more than three million viewers, this third edition has surpassed the second by more than 4 points and has had a audience share of 52
% among the youth of 16 to 34 years, which exceeds the target of this age group that the reality show obtained Big brother 2 as a record.

Many open fronts that will have an outcome that can be very painful for the protagonists and that it will be necessary to see if six months later they have had continuity outside the reality show.

Schedule of the final week of The Island of Temptations 3

Episode of “Reunion” among the protagonists, six months later, it will take place today, Thursday, March 25, at 22.00 hours.

Where to see this final week of The Island of Temptations 3?

The episode of the final week can be seen through Telecinco, channel of Mediaset. You can follow all the information about the reality show on the Mundo Deportivo website.