“The return of Fernando Alonso would be good for F1”

Stefano Domenicali, former Ferrari team boss and that he worked side by side with the Asturian from 2010 to 2014 in the team of Maranello, assured in declarations to the Reuters Agency that a possible return to the F1 of Fernando Alonso in 2021 It would be very positive for the category, also showing that the Asturian would show a great level at the wheel of a ‘Great Circus’ racing car despite its 39 springs.

“We already have some fantastic young drivers … but Fernando it would take another level ”, expressed the now executive director of the Italian brand of luxury supercars Lamborghini.

Alonso, spraying Domenicali de cava in Barcelona in 2013

“It would surely be very strong. Of course, it can be stronger with a good car, with a very fast car, but Fernando would be a good asset for Formula One if he returned, “added the Italian, thus adding to the words of another former Asturian boss,
Flavio Briatore, who weeks ago pointed out that Fernando “is ready to return to F1”

The Asturian’s name has been linked to that of Renault in recent weeks, but it seems very difficult that with the current crisis and the savings plan that the French firm will implement in the short term, it can bet on the Ovense for 2021.

The Asturian said a few weeks ago to ‘Real Madrid Television’ that next year he wants to return “to maximum competition” and that he is hesitating between three options: F1, IndyCar and the World Resistance Championship.

Alonso, in the 2013 Spanish F1 GP with Ferrari
Alonso, in the 2013 Spanish F1 GP with Ferrari