The resurgence of Macaulay Culkin after a life marked by drugs

Macaulay Culkin meets this Wednesday, August 26 nothing more and nothing less than 40 yearsbut it seems like yesterday that he became with only ten years in an international star for his role in ‘Alone at home’ (1990). However, the early success and the million euros that he obtained for his performance in the film took their toll. Because Culkin’s career path has been shaped by a life of ups and downs marked by drugs and psychological abuse.

Now, in his 40s, the American actor, who made his debut in the theater at the age of four, has moved away from the media and controversy and has managed to redirect his life, a life that was twisted after deciding, being just a teenager, become independent with a fortune valued at 50 million dollars and never exchange a word with his father again. The reason for such a decision? Leaving behind his parents, whom he blames for much of his problems. “There you guys. I hope you have earned enough money because it will not come out of me anymore ”, the actor reproduced in the program‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show‘, In a 2018 interview.

However, this decision was not entirely correct and turned against him. Culkin spent virtually all of his estate and his life began to be marked by several media scandals. In 2004, right after his divorce from the actress Rachel miner, whom he married at age 17, the actor was arrested in Oklahoma for possession of


. The following years, until 2010, he spent with Mila Kunis in a relationship during which his connection to drugs continued. In fact, ‘The National Enquirer’ published in 2012 that Culkin was spending about $ 6,000 a month in heroin, something he has always denied.

The traumatic relationship with her father, Kit Culkin

If there is something that marked Culkin’s childhood, it was his relationship with his father, Kit Culkin, a relationship that he has not hidden and about which, in fact, he has spoken in the media. In the program ‘WTF‘, Explained in 2018 how his childhood had been with his parents, surrounded by wealth. As he related then, his father always wanted to be an actor, an aspiration that remained in a dream that he later wanted to impose on his eight children.

I asked him for a break, I wanted to go on vacation for the first time in my life, and he kept signing contracts for more films. Nobody was listening to me. My father had a giant-size bed and a huge television and he made me sleep with my brother on the sofa, “said the actor, who assures that his father became a hated character in the industry due to his demands with the producers. Culkin, as we remember, triumphed in 1990 with ‘Home Alone’, made ten other movies in just four years, before disappearing from the big screen in 1994, with ‘Rich kid‘.

Frame from the film ‘Alone at home’ (1990).

The controversial relationship with Michael Jackson

Another of the most remembered episodes of Culkin’s life is that of the controversial relationship he had with Michael Jackson, with whom he had been 22 years. Everyone wanted to know his true relationship with the king of pop, and the actor shed light on the matter earlier this year in “Esquire” magazine. “Nobody around me had any idea what was happening and he had been through the same situation and just wanted to make sure that I was not alone”, He explained.

In addition, the New York interpreter revealed that he shared a bed with the singer, but assured that he never felt uncomfortable. In fact, testified on his behalf when tried for child abuse, charges of which Jackson was acquitted. “If I had something to talk about, I would do it without a problem. But no, I never saw anything; never did anythingCulkin said to settle the controversy.

Macaulay Culkin finally managed to rebuild his life

It is from 2013 when Culkin began to rebuild his life. He resumed his profession and also has a successful musical career. Since then, he has left scandals behind, maintains a good relationship with the media, and has a busy working life. In fact, has signed for the tenth season of ‘American Horror Story’, the successful ‘FOX’ serial.

The resurgence of Macaulay Culkin after a life marked by drugs.
The resurgence of Macaulay Culkin after a life marked by drugs.