The restructuring that is coming in Second B and Third

Details of the schedule are still being finalized to conclude the current season in Second B and in Third at the same time that the health protocols that the clubs must comply with are developed, but the Spanish Football Federation look askance at the 2020-21 course. We are working on the preparation of the next campaign and Luis Rubiales On Thursday, he met telematically with all the Basque group presidents who have militated this exercise in Second B and Third.

The objective was that they knew the main sketch about how both categories are going to work in a peculiar season such as the following. The master lines are marked, although there are still aspects to be polished. A restructuring is looming. The main thing is that the competitions will be reduced. The idea is that they begin, if the situation with the Covid-19 is controlled, in the second half of October.

How will the structure be with this reduction? In the bronze division, for example, there will be two subgroups of ten sets each. In the Basque group of Third there would be two subgroups with eleven squads. There are expected to be 22 clubs in total, although the Amurrio has claimed to be 24 and reach subgroups pairs of 12.

The competition will be divided into three phases. In the first they will play all against all in each subgroup. That is, 18 days if they are made up of a dozen teams. From there they would enter a second phase, but the how remains to be completely determined. It could well be that the first three of each subgroup fought for promotion, the following for an incentive yet to be established and the last four for not descending. And the third phase would be the definitive playoff.

Keep in mind that in the 2021-22 season the Second B Pro between the current silver and bronze categories. At Thursday’s meeting it was also noted that the champions of each group in Third will rise directly and that the second, third and fourth (without ruling out any other) will play the playoff. They will need more prizes to square the new divisions.

The Second B of the 2020-21 will be formed exceptionally by 100 clubs. 40 will go to Second B Pro and it remains to be resolved how many will descend. If for example there were 20, they would need 40 promotions from Third so that everything would be as before.

The cupbearer format will be maintained for the next season. PHOTO: Mireya López

The economic issue was also on the virtual table. The Federation It maintains the base of the amount, but it will not reach the total of this course because there will be fewer games. The agency will grant the teams the proportional part, which will be around 75%. Some amounts that the clubs will try to compensate on the side of the chips of technicians and players. And it is that if the campaign is prolonged for less months, wages will also be cut. They are the plans on which the Federation, although they will continue to finalize the details in the next dates.

The Federation also works on the design of the Cup. The change in format promoted for this course has had a good acceptance by the most modest clubs and their intention is to repeat it, although they will have to adapt it to the reduced schedule. Probably compressing the previous ones in which the regional teams intervene. The idea continues to be that the KO tournament is played by the 18 champions of each group of Third and the best 14 seconds. Under these conditions, both Portugalete how Sestao River they would repeat experience.