The request by burofax of Alfonso Merlos to Telecinco before the start of ‘Survivors’

There was a time when Alfonso Merlos he was in every self-respecting political gathering. The journalist was a fixture on several chains, especially those of the conservative court, something that changed overnight.

The reason? Known as ‘Merlos Place’, the video in which he was accidentally seen as a young woman (who was not his girlfriend) appeared in a bikini while he was doing a video conference.

Well, now the young woman in question (Alexia Rivas) and his then girlfriend (Marta Lopez) are about to start their career in ‘Survivors’, which has put Merlos back in the spotlight.

Before the tsunami that is coming over him, the journalist has decided to move his file and has sent a burofax to Mediaset to try to avoid mentioning him in ‘Survivors 2021’.

As reported by ‘Yotele’ Merlos’s maneuver “won’t do him much good, apparently”, So he will have to see how the different Telecinco and Cuatro programs refer to him based on what happens in Honduras.

The ‘boom’ of Alexia Rivas in quarantine

Alexia Rivas was undoubtedly one of the most famous names of quarantine and 2020 usually. Although what we are not entirely clear is whether for the reason that she would have liked.

“At first it was the least I thought about. Notice that I went from 20,000 followers to 110,000 in just two days, some terrible days. At that moment i I was having such a bad time that was the least important thing to me… having a follower than a million, “he commented a few months ago in an interview with‘ El Español ’.