The reasons why the Barça option motivates Saúl

One of the great issues to be resolved in the
Atlético de Madrid
Is the sale of Saúl Ñíguez. An issue that a few weeks ago seemed stuck after the two teams that had bet the most on it as they are Manchester United Y Juventus they did not finish taking a step forward. But in the last hours the good relations between the rojiblanco team and the Barcelona have led to a possible barter for Griezmann.

The player’s clause is 150 million euros, and the mattress team was not willing to give away to the Spaniard. In fact, they have already rejected the offer of 40 million from the Liverpool. Yes, the Barcelona has arrived at this moment offering a bargaining chip with which you dream Simeone. Is about Griezmann. A devalued footballer but who under his baton has become the third best player in the world.

Another reason why the operation was stuck is that the footballer did not want to go to any team. Although he wants to leave, he feels very identified with him
Atlético de Madrid
. A few months ago when her first daughter was born, it took her a few hours to make her a member of the club. A detail of the implication. A youth squad who has always identified a lot with the fans, in fact in his worst moments a large part of the rojiblanca fans has shown him great support.

In fact, if the footballer wants to leave, it is because he believes that he can better exploit his qualities by playing closer to the goal. Something that does not happen now under the baton of the Cholo.

That is why his intention was to find a club that habitually played the Champions League, and always opt for titles. To continue expanding its track record. Something that occurs in the FC Barcelona.

More offensive

The Barça It also offers you a team that in principle will place you in positions closer to the opponent’s goal. It is a club with a very offensive philosophy that can allow you to multiply your scoring figures. One of the aspects that the player wants to exploit in his next destination. Something that cost him a lot as a defensive midfielder or left back, positions in which he placed the Cholo despite his dislike.

Another issue that seduces the Elche to move to Barcelona is to continue in Spain. His adaptation would be much easier than going abroad, and he could also closely follow one of the great projects he shares with his brothers, the Club Costa City. A team that has created in Elche and who is aware of each news by phone with Aaron or Jony.

Without forgetting the economic issue. The player also did not want to leave by excessively lowering his token. A token that is around 10 million euros and that he knows that few clubs in the world are capable of assuming. But for him Barça it would be a respite because in this case I would charge less than half that Griezmann.

In this way the Barcelona I could go one step further to have the ‘Box to box’ you asked for Koeman. Another reason that also motivates Saul. Knowing that the coach wants a player of his conditions is another detail that seduces the mattress squad to pack his bags.