The reasons for Zidane to leave and to stay at Real Madrid

Zinedine Zidane and his future is the great unknown for Real Madrid. The coach has one more year on his contract, but rumors about his possible departure increase every day. At the moment, Zidane has not communicated his intentions to the club and has several reasons to stay and to leave Real Madrid.

Reasons to stay

1. Zidane He seems like the ideal coach for Real Madrid. A legend of the club and world football who has a lot of weight over his players. He takes out of them what seems impossible and he has shown it this season by reaching a semi-final of the Champions League and fighting until the end for the League. All this with a plague of injuries, especially in defense, and with the coronavirus affecting many of its players.

2. Real Madrid is Zidane’s natural habitat or so it seems. Whenever he can, he repeats that it is his home and he has the respect of high places, starting with Florentino Pérez You asked him to come back and he did. The president, on the other hand, is not about to kick Zidane out.

3. Despite the ups and downs that Zidane has had, the Real Madrid fans are with him. At least the vast majority and, in fact, surely if Madrid played at the Bernabéu with an audience, it would show their support. He is one of the most applauded when his name sounds on the Bernabéu’s public address system.

4. Real Madrid is a well-known environment for Zidane who knows perfectly where he is and what is expected of him. Despite the pressure, knowing how the club works, the environments, the fans, makes it easier to handle that pressure

Reasons for leaving

1. Zidane seems tired of being the manager of Real Madrid. The Frenchman has always been very clear that there is a time to leave a place and start over. That fatigue can be decisive in deciding to leave Real Madrid

2. One of the great pending tasks that Real Madrid has this summer is a profound restructuring of the squad. And it will be necessary to see if Zidane wants to do it. In 2018, when it was time to do the same, he left and now he can repeat it.

3. Zidane has neither liked nor does he like to be doubted about him and his team and that has happened on several occasions this season. He had to hit the table to vindicate himself and the team before the doubts that appeared about his figure. He is aware that at Real Madrid these doubts always appear when the team loses and that wears out a lot.

4. The French team is one of Zidane’s goals and his name sounds strong to replace Deschamps. Being a coach is a very tempting option for Zidane.