The reason for the strange silence of Honda

A few days ago the Team Repsol Honda distributed the first images of Pol Espargaró dressed in the colors of his new team. In fact, paradoxically Pol is the only confirmed rider in it just over a month before the start of the season. Why Marc Márquez You will not be able to get on the motorcycle. Stefan bradl in theory he was renewed as a test pilot; and the contacts that were maintained at the time with Andrea Dovizioso they are in hibernation.

Although this lack of definition may be strange, the reality is that Honda is only following the deadlines dictated by common sense. There are two factors that are leading HRC to postpone its decision: the evolution of Marc Márquez’s injury and the definition of the real championship calendar.

As for the evolution of Márquez’s injury, it will be his theoretical recovery times that will decide who starts the season on his motorcycle. According to our information, in the next few days this evolution will have to be evaluated by doctors, so from there Honda will have information to decide.

Presumably Depending on what the doctors say about the deadlines to see you again on your motorcycle, Honda will activate one or another option. That is, cover the first races with Bradl, or take the step and get the services of Dovizioso. In this sense, Honda is in no hurry, because it is not that Dovizioso has many other options: in 2021 he either races with Honda or stays at home.

The other key factor for Honda to understand if it has to seek the services of a rider beyond Bradl is the World Championship schedule. It is no secret that the existing one is a toast to the sun. With the pandemic still rampant worldwide, it cannot be fulfilled as it is. Honda will not make a decision on the second rider in Team Repsol Honda until it has an approximation to the actual MotoGP 2021 calendar.

The reasoning is very simple. Imagine that Honda closes a deal with Andrea Dovizioso; for half a season or for a full season, choose the duration you want. If due to “whims” of the pandemic, the start of the championship is delayed or some of the GGPP scheduled for the first part of the year are canceled or postponed, the situation may arise that at that time Marc is to return and suddenly the Repsol Honda Team have three riders under contract for two bikes.

This is how things are and this explains why Honda is on standby.