The reason for the breakup of Alfonso Merlos and Alexia Rivas: ‘She took the first step’

Less than six months after an “oversight” exposed their love story, Alfonso Merlos and Alexia Rivas
put an end to their controversial relationship some days ago. In fact, this was confirmed by Alexia herself in an exclusive to the magazine ‘Readings’.

However, it seems that his not a final break, but a small ‘break’ in the relationship which was very worn out by social pressure: “They are in a parenthesis, not a full stop. They have taken time. They decided it between the two but it was she who took the first step. Alexia was not well, she believes that they were no longer enjoying love as before ”, assured the environment closest to the young woman.

“They weren’t good, but there were no discussions. They simply couldn’t be focused on what they wanted. They were not comfortable because of the media pressure, they wanted their story to be as beautiful as at the beginning, that is why they have given a ‘stand by’, it is not a definitive break, “they continued.

[+] This is the journalist Alexia Rivas

He reason Of this break in their relationship, as we say, is none other than the media pressure that both have suffered since the Merlos Place exploded, the soap opera that they starred in with Marta López. Furthermore, it could also be due to Alexia’s attempts to regain her professional life after leaving Mediaset.

The love between the two would be intact, therefore. In fact, that very environment does not rule out a reconciliation soon. We will have to wait to find out, but what is clear is that the summer soap opera still has many chapters left.