The ‘Ramos Case’, on the edge of the abyss

Weeks go by, events unfold with better or worse luck, but Sergio Ramos’ situation does not change. And in this case, unlike the saying, the absence of news is not good news.

Even more so when the president Florentino Pérez, in his two interventions in the media to explain the Super League, has not given any signs that the operation ends in a successful port, but quite the opposite. His comments suggesting that Sergio Ramos has not wanted to cut his salary as he did last year, have left the player in a delicate position.

And meanwhile, the season progresses and the captain, now injured but intending to return next week to fight for the League and Champions, only has 69 days ahead to resolve an increasingly complicated situation.

Praise Priority

And if that were not enough, Real Madrid prioritizes the signing of David Alaba, who already has a signed agreement, before the renewal of Sergio Ramos. Consider the white team that with the Austrian underpins a defense in which Militao seems to announce good news, Varane would become the most veteran axis and Nacho would continue to be present with an important role.

In this way, the ‘Ramos case’ seems to be more on the brink than ever and the captain, emblem of the club, could be facing his last weeks as a merengue player.