The Prosecutor’s Office files a complaint against the fans who insulted Iñaki Williams

The Barcelona Provincial Prosecutor’s Office has submitted a complaint for racist insults and for a crime against Fundamental Rights and Public Freedoms against fans who they insulted seriously to Iñaki
Williams in the RCD Espanyol-Athletic Club match, played last season at the RCDEStadium, as reported by journalist Jordi Martí, from the SER network.

The events happened in the past January 25, on the occasion of the visit to the parakeet fief of the Biscayan team. The match ended with a one-goal draw. Iñaki Williams was insulted from the stands when, being replaced at 68 minutes, a group of fans dedicated the monkey cry, according to the brief of the complaint.

Is the first time that this type of attitudes carried out by sports fans reaches the criminal court, which was initiated by the Hate Crimes and Discrimination Service of the Barcelona Public Prosecutor’s Office with the presentation of a complaint.

The Public Ministry considers that said fans could have committed a crime of injury to the dignity of persons for racist reasons. The defendants, both adults, respond to the initials J. C. M. A. and K. B. G., are identified as authors of “Shouts and gestures of contempt towards his person (of Iñaki Williams) with the undoubted effect of humiliation and impairment of his dignity for racist motives”.

The Athletic forward declared that same day that “I’m going a little sad about the draw and especially I have suffered racist insults. It is something that no black or any race player wants to hear. It’s out of place and people should come to the stadium to enjoy, to cheer on his team, to enjoy football. It is a sport of friendship, of a team, and the truth is that it has been a bit sad day because these events do not have to happen out of place ”, in demonstrations to the rojiblanco club media.