The pros and cons of each candidate for the Real Madrid bench

The candidates to occupy the Real Madrid bench three days after Zidane’s departure are: Mauricio Pochettino, Antonio Conte and Raúl González. Three very different options to which Real Madrid must pass its sieve to stay with the one that suits it best.

Pochettino, the favorite and the complicated

The Argentine, current PSG coach, is an old wish of Florentino Pérez. He already loved him in 2018 when Zidane left the first time but it could not be and now, with the second march of the French, his hiring is also complicated.

He has just signed with PSG until 2022 and although he has not finished landing well in Paris (he has not managed to win Ligue 1 and his relationship with Leonardo is complicated) in the French team they have him.

In his favor, he has the fact that he is a coach with a left hand, that he gets along well with the dressing room and that he proposes an attractive football but the task in the offices is what makes his hiring difficult.

Efficiency and character with Antonio Conte

In the case of Antonio Conte, the hiring would be more than simple to undertake as he has just been fired from Inter Milan and is without a team. However, the character of the Italian, who has had problems with managers and players in all the teams he has been on, taints his resume.

A service record that, on the other hand, is full of titles and great successes, something that Real Madrid needs to breathe after a blank season.

Raúl’s option, exciting and complicated

And finally, in the case of Raúl, Real Madrid knows that he is the safe bet as far as the enthusiasm of the fans is concerned. The ‘7’ still has the Madridistas in his pocket and his arrival would fill white minds with hope.

However, the short experience he has on the benches plays against him where, although it is true that he has performed quite well, he has not passed the third category of Spanish football given his youth.