‘The Prince of Johor? There is no communication from the club ‘

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Johor not knowing anything beyond what is in the public domain after the ‘announcement’ made by the protagonist on the Internet. From the club, he pointed out, no one has explained anything to him.

“I am not aware, there is no communication from the club,” said the coach. Yes he has spoken with Anil Murthy this week but about sports issues, he pointed out. “I saw the president on his return and today he has witnessed part of the training sessions, he has sent me the greetings of the owner and we have shared opinions about the team and he wanted to know things about the team,” he said.

Asked if he is concerned about these possible changes, his future or the opinion that Lim may have of him, he said that he is focused on the game against Villarreal. “It is what really worries me, the rest is a future that we will see how it will come. The rest we will see how the events happen “, he stressed.

In any case, Gracia was sure that the squad will not be affected “at all” by all these controversies in the duel against Villarreal.

Gracia said that he hopes to give continuity to the two consecutive victories that they have in Mestalla and pointed out regarding the two disappointing defeats in the fields of Madrid and Getafe that they did not know how to face adversity and that that must change.

“Whenever there is a defeat it is a difficult moment but there have been worse moments. You have to know how to carry it. We had a great illusion to win in Getafe and the disappointment is proportional but as soon as it happens we have to think about the preparation of the next match, “he said.

“When we receive a setback, it is difficult for us to straighten up again and compete at the same level. We show a certain weakness when things turn against us when we have shown signs of being able to score at the end. I want to think that we are something other than what we have been in these last games

I hope that we will be able to give an image more in line with who we are, with our strengths and our weaknesses ”, he added.

Bad games but one of the teams that has added the most

The coach admitted that in the last five days they have had two “pretty bad” games but stressed that they are “the eighth team that has added the most.”

“We have to improve and be more ambitious but I would like to give that optimism and positivity to the work that the team does on a day-to-day basis,” he added.

“There are teams that are above us that are worse in the last five games, such as Celta or Villarreal but we have to worry about ours,” he said.

Regarding Villarreal, he pointed out that he has a style of having more possession but recalled that in the first leg, although they left

“Defeated it was a fairly even game.”

“We expect a disputed game with alternatives but we want the third victory in a row at home and if it is with a clean sheet even better,” he said.