The Prince of Johor already admits that he negotiates with Peter Lim

For first time since weeks ago he started talking about Valencia on social networks, the prince of johor has spoken plain. The heir to the Sultanate of Southeast Asia admitted in a post on Instagram that he maintained a conversation with Peter Lim, maximum shareholder of the club, to enter the shareholding of the same but also the existence of problems in the negotiation advanced.

“But they are on hold because there are some complications and issues that must be resolved, “said Tunku Ismail.

The Prince of Johor answered like this to a fan of the club who reminded him that this Thursday is Valencia’s 102nd birthday and who asked him if he is ready to buy the club. “Happy birthday Valencia CF”, answered Ismail who acknowledged that there was “a negotiation with the owner to have a participation in the club ”.

Last Sunday Tunku Ismail and Lim met for two hours (Johor and Singapore are barely separated by a few kilometers), after the Prince had slipped his intention to enter Valencia and manage the entity, especially its sports area, on social networks.

During these days, Anil Murthy, president of the club, has indicated to both the media and workers of the entity that Lim has not indicated that he intends to sell the club or give up its management.