The president ratifies Sergio Rodríguez and asks the players to raise their heads

The president and maximum shareholder of the Unión Deportiva Logroñés, Félix Revuelta, has confirmed his trust in coach Sergio Rodríguez despite the morning streak of results, and has asked the players to “raise their heads” for the next matches.

Revolt, who does not reside in Logroño, has visited the UD Logroñés squad this Tuesday, which after the last matches has situated on the brink of relegation spots, after a ten-game winless streak and hardly any goals.

“It is a difficult time and you have to support the team“, has underlined the leader of the Rioja club, who is convinced that” this situation is going to take a turn on Saturday ” when Logroñés receives Zaragoza in Las Gaunas, another of those involved in the lower area of ​​the classification.

Revuelta repeats in recent weeks that it trusts the coach, Sergio Rodríguez, “because even though things don’t go well now, he is the one who has brought us here”, alluding to the promotion achieved this summer “and although people get very nervous, I believe in him, I think he’s doing everything he can, maybe there are players who are not in it, “he considered.

In addition, he believes that now “another coach who comes I don’t know what he can do differently” with no margin to sign new players.

In any case “you have to give confidence to the squad and the coach“and also” to be aware of what has happened, of the accumulation of injuries that we have had all year and that continue “since” even now we may have to resort to a goalkeeper from the subsidiary “due to the problems of the three of the first template.

“The coach is the same as in the first round, which was done very well, but then hthe bad streak has come and it has coincided with a lot of injuries, which have influenced“, has influenced the president of Logroñés, who recalled that” at the moment there are up to 8 players with problems. “

It has affected that he was aware that “this year was going to be very difficult” because Logroñés is recently promoted and because “we have the fifth or sixth lowest budget in the category and the truth is that we are in that situation in the table “.

Revuelta, however, has affected that “we are going to give everything until the last day “to continue in Second” but if we go down, we will return. “

“If we don’t stay, neither the city nor the club will collapse and, in fact, there are other teams to which it happened and it helped them to grow and return to the Second Division stronger “and” if it happens to us we will be better economically and we will have a competition to try to ascend easier than the one we had until now, “he said.

The owner of Logroñés He stressed that his project is “long-term” and that is why “we must not go crazy” because “the important thing is to continue taking steps, wherever we are, and to improve our structure and our facilities.”

In fact, he explained that his visit to Logroño is also related to the club’s sports city project which he presented a few months ago and in which “the City Council has told us to make some changes and we are going to make them.”