The president of Boca Juniors, hospitalized

The president of Boca Juniors, Jorge Amor Ameal, was admitted at the age of 72 to a hospital in Buenos Aires after catching a coronavirus, according to the Buenos Aires club reported on Monday.

“President Jorge Amor Ameal, who is experiencing covid-19 detected by a PCR swab last week, was admitted to the Otamendi clinic on Friday to carry out the corresponding control studies and is under observation in good health” , detailed the Boca on its website.

Ameal assumed the presidency of Boca for the second time in December 2019, after a first stage at the head of the club between 2008 and 2011, after the death of Pedro Pompilio.

The first vice president of the club is the presenter and media entrepreneur Mario Pergolini and the second vice president, the ex-footballer Juan Román Riquelme.