The possible return of Griezmann generates debate in the fans of Atlético

How could it be otherwise, the news advanced by Mundo Deportivo on Saturday, about the possible trick between Atlético de Madrid Y Barcelona Come in Saúl Ñíguez Y Griezmann, caused a stir not only in other media, but also among the fans of both teams.

In the case of mattresses, the name of the French generates a division in the fans, with a slight majority not showing much support for his return given his convulsive departure from the Metropolitan two years ago. They do not forgive him the forms used by the French other than his decision to change of scene, something he had planned to do a year before but which he finally undid to stay at Atlético.

Mundo Deportivo wanted to press the opinion of the rojiblanca fans through a survey in which the question was “Would you like to see Griezmann at Atlético? ”. And as we say, the mattresses are divided.

Because 55% of the participants do not want this return to occur, because “his time has passed.” However, the other two options accumulate the remaining 45% of the votes. 35% would give their approval as long as they arrive without paying a transfer and also the salary is lowered. Meanwhile, 10% would open the doors of the Metropolitan without conditions.


There is also debate on social media. There are those who do not want to see even in French painting, while others are practical and believe that if Simeone he loves him and it suits the team sportingly, welcome. Thus, on Monday the hasthag #GriezmannNoTeQueremos became a trend in Spain, showing that there are a good number of Atlético who do not want the return of the French international, who instead have the rojiblanco club as their main option in case the Barcelona decides that it has to leave in order to meet the salary limit.