The possible destinations of Zidane

Zinedine Zidane, in the absence of being an official, he is no longer a Real Madrid coach. The Frenchman will not lack offers to return to sit on a bench.


Zidane He is a legend at Real Madrid, but also at Juventus, who have wanted him to be his new coach for a long time. Now, with his departure from Real Madrid, the Italian team has a golden opportunity to seize the services of Zidane who, on the other hand, has never hidden his love for Juventus, where he played for a few years. Pirlo, the current Juventus coach is not going to follow.


It is a very real possibility considering what Zidane is like. This is what he had planned to do when he left Real Madrid in 2018, but he did not comply because he left in May 2018 and returned in March 2019.

France selection

In France, including the current coach Deschamps, see Zidane at the head of the national team sooner rather than later. The rumors in France suggest that Zidane will take a sabbatical year to take the national team after the World Cup in Qatar in 2022. Although all that may change if France has a bad Euro Cup.

Surprise destination

Zidane may have an ace up his sleeve and go to an unexpected team. There are rumors that his future could be in the Premier League.