The police detain the singer José El Francés in Marbella

The singer José “El Francés” has been arrested this Sunday in Marbella (Málaga), as Efe has been able to confirm with sources close to the investigation.

The artist, born in France (Montpelier 1971), He was at his ex-partner’s house in this tourist city of Malaga when the incident occurred that has led to his arrest.

After having an argument, the singer has allegedly pushed his former partner, who would have tripped on a step and fell, which would have caused an injury to his elbow, according to the aforementioned sources.

The events took place on the afternoon of this Sunday when the ex-partner of José “El Francés” contacted room 092 to report the alleged assault, as published by the newspaper Málaga Hoy.

After at least two calls to this service, Local Police agents appeared at the home of the artist’s former partner, who has been arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a sexist aggression and placed at the disposal of the National Police.