The photograph of the Athletic match on their visit to Eibar

I have recorded an image of the game of Athletic in Eibar. Just the moment when Cap is about to give the pass that Unai lopez seconds later it would become the final 1-2. Up to seven rojiblancos players charge the area in the 87th minute. The right-handed side and six are looking for the shot. A snapshot that speaks of the ambition and bravery of the lions and also of their coherence because the dynamics of the second half invited them to jump for the goal.

Other times, tying at home, the Athletic has been dedicated to storing clothes to tie the point. Especially in moments of doubt like the one that dragged after the initial defeat in Pomegranate. Sunday was not like that. The Bilbao group smelled blood and went after their prey, which was injured.

That photograph doesn’t just reveal ambition. Also a correct reading of the particular situation. The six footballers who come to the area are perfectly staggered. Three attacking the area between the penalty spot and the small area and another three appearing from the second row. Each one at a different height: left, center and right. To offer to Cap all possible alternatives. It is an image to be framed and shown in soccer schools.