The photo that Neymar has published and that is generating more comments

If this Wednesday we were talking about Neymar for his last and spectacular “self-gift”, today it’s news again. Although this time for something very different: one of his latest ‘stories’ shared on Instagram.

In it, he appears on the couch at home recovering after a hard day of training with his team, PSG.“Recovery day”, has written the Brazilian next to the capture. So far everything normal, they will say. Well yes, had it not been for him curious gadget you use for it.

It is a kind of plastic cylinder attached to a cable that goes to the current and that many have already compared to a jsex toy. In addition, the area in which the footballer makes use of it does not help: his left groin.

Neymar has shared a photo in his moment of recovery

Jokes aside, the only sure thing is that everything the Brazilian does, says, puts on or uses becomes a trend practically immediately and generates a lots of comments, good and, most of the time, bad. The dangers of social networks and, above all, of fame …