The Peñas del Valladolid, very upset with Ronaldo

The Federation of Peñas del Real Valladolid has transferred its “malaise” over the president’s management of the club, the Brazilian Ronaldo Nazário, who have requested a meeting to know their intentions with the team in the short term and They have requested to remove their banners from the José Zorrilla stadium.

In said statement, the federation of clubs has shown its “discomfort” at what it considers to have been “a complete sloppiness when making decisions that corresponded to the sports field “-the removal of the coach, Sergio Gonzalez– and what has had as a consequence “the imminent relegation of the team. “

He also regrets the “secrecy and lack of communication of the club “, and especially” of its president “, with respect to those who are” the pillar of the club: its social mass (subscribers, supporters’ clubs and fans) “. For this reason, as representatives of the supporters clubs, they consider that” they should from give the necessary explanations about the future most immediate of the entity “.

“We want to know what are, both the intentions of his top president, as well as the short-term economic and sports planning. All of this based on the goal of being able to give back to a club historic like ours to the place it deserves, the First Division, “the statement picks up.

Hence they have requested a “briefing” with Ronaldo, to which they ask “a solid sporting and economic project, in addition to guarantees, that ensure the stability necessary to be in the highest category“, a place that” never “had to have Real Valladolid, according to the Federation of Peñas.

This organization has highlighted that it is “by and for Real Valladolid, regardless of the situations, people or category of the team”, since its obligation “has been and always will be, to promote animation and defend colors and shield “that represent them.

But as a protest to “that lack of communication and absence of explanations “, as well as what they believe has been” a lack of involvement and of not knowing how to rise to the occasion, both on the part of the team and the coaching staff, during this year “, they have called for the “withdrawal of all the banners from the José Zorrilla stadium supporters.”

“Said request will be effective during the game on Saturday, when possibly the demotion is consumed “against Atlético de Madrid, which arrives in Valladolid in the middle of the fight for the league title.

“We consider that this city and the fans have been at the level of the First Division and the attitude shown in matches such as against Real Sociedad, this being practically the last breath to achieve salvation, was anything but correct and professional, and it is a true reflection of the suffering and frustration that the fans have had to suffer all season, including not being able to be in the stadiums, “the statement added.

In the same way, they have recalled that they have worked “together” with the club in support actions, “with the sole objective of trying to create animation and motivation” and will continue to do so “from the first minute the descent is consumed” to “try to return the team to the place it deserves.”