The penalty of discord

Italy warns that the wind blows in favor of England, benefited by a penalty tough on Sterling in the semi-finals at Wembley. The end of the City he let himself drop in the area, a deception that the referee did not notice: “The generous foul that allowed the Southgate team to eliminate Denmark confirms the suspicions about the exchange of favors between UEFA and Boris Johnson, who worked to prevent the Super league continue his march “, they say in the Gazzetta.

The threats of the British Prime Minister intimidated the Premier teams who tried to leave the Champions to join the project headed by Florentine
Perez. Aware that legally he was not going to win the battle, he picked up the phone to alert the rebels of the possibility of tightening the regulations for hire
football players
foreign thanks to Brexit. UEFA President Ceferin thanked Boris Johnson for his gesture.

To that speculation is added Denmark, it feels cheated for a penalty that seems not to have been: “It wouldn’t have had to be pointed out and it bothers me. It is very hard. Losing this way is disappointing because these guys have struggled so much. It is bitter and now it’s our turn digest it. I cannot describe in words the admiration I feel for this wardrobe, for everything we have had to go through. I am eternally grateful, ”Hjulmand, his coach, said after the game.

England has lowered his head. With some exceptions, many are those who recognize that it was not a penalty: “You have to be honest. It shouldn’t have been whistled. Sterling went easy to the ground. If he had relied on the VAR, the referee would have rectified. Not enough has been used during the Eurocup ”, said Keith Hackett, a historic English referee with whom figures such as Roy Keane and Gary Neville also agreed. England is torn between euphoria and the embarrassment.