The pediment as an escape route

Tennis is undoubtedly one of the sports that will take the longest to regain normality. Its global nature means that it will not be possible to organize a calendar in conditions probably until next year, since the pandemic has not hit the same way in all the countries that host a tournament and some places will take longer than others to recover from the everything.

Meanwhile, the tennis players continue to try to exercise in their own way to keep their shape in good shape in case they ever receive a call to let them know they can jump back onto the courts. It is the case of Lara Arruabarrena (Tolosa, 1992), which is currently ranked 149 in the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) individual ranking and 78 in doubles.

Carrot auger attends MD from his home, where he awaits events. The woman from Toulouse does not hesitate to affirm that the first days after the State of Alarm was decreed were bearable, then the problems came: “The first four weeks went by pretty quickly. As of the fifth week, there have been days that have become a bit heavier for me, ”he reveals. The truth is that I had the feeling that it was “all the time the same”, but “now it is making me more enjoyable” the situation, he says, “more than anything because you can go for a walk or play sports” .

Thursday “was the first day I went to the pediment with the high-level athlete certificate that the CSD (Superior Sports Council) has given us,” he says. “I asked the city to ask for permission” and it was “the first time I took the racket in all these weeks.”

The truth is that “since I go to the pediment, as with the certificate, I can go at any time, I spend more time in the day and time goes by faster,” he thanks. Carrot auger.

However, until this Thursday and while the confinement lasted, the Tolosa woman used the time to train at home. “I have some material, not much, but between a TRX, some tires or some weight” he was able to perform some exercises at the same time that he was “talking to my physical trainer”, he explains. “I am lucky to have a balcony and I have been able to do something there. Obviously it is not the same, but I have continued to do sports at home as well ”, he declares.

Go far back to the slopes

The fact that tennis is played in tournaments in countless countries located across the globe means that coordination to return to sports activities is very difficult. “In principle the official date to be able to compete again is July 13, which I sincerely see as impossible,” he analyzes. Carrot auger. Tennis, “being global”, forces those involved “to have to wait until all countries are well, so I see it very difficult for this season to play something globally, more than anything because we are not going to leave or leave Spain and there are going to be countries that are going to be worse ”, says the person from Toulouse. In his view, for the moment it is time to look at everything “with patience. We have been told that in early June they will more or less tell us something new about the situation, but I am not very positive, ”he regrets.

The issue is that Lara Arruabarrena the stoppage of the competition caught him in a very good shape. After having suffered an injury in 2019 and being “a few months off, just before this last stop I had a pretty good streak and I was feeling super good playing. It was a little bad luck that this virus happened, “he says, although now there is nothing else to do but wait with” patience and go back to training when they leave us, little by little, “he concludes. We will have to see how everything is solved. Several tournaments have already postponed their celebration.

Hooked on ‘Game of Thrones’

TO Lara Arruabarrena the declaration of the State of Alarm in the country caught him in the Mexican city of Iarapuato, where he was in full action. “We canceled the competition in the middle of the tournament. I had to play the quarterfinals the same day and in the morning the director told us that this tournament and all the tennis matches were canceled until further notice and that we return home as soon as possible, ”he says.

Since then, the tennis player has been hanging out “watching movies and‘ Game of Thrones ’, which I had never seen before and I am taking advantage of confinement to see her. I’m also reading books, “he reveals.

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