The pasture that María Patiño would have spent on aesthetic retouching

One more week the program ‘Live life’ has counted on José Manuel Gómez Villar, surgeon who has directly analyzed the physical evolution of Maria Patiño who, at 49, looks spectacular.

The journalist follows a healthy life in which sports and food play a fundamental role, although Dr. Gómez Villar has assured that Patiño has undergone several cosmetic adjustments. “It is great and the change is very good”the plastic surgery expert began saying.

The first of the touch-ups that they have analyzed is the botox. In this case on the forehead and you have to retouch every four or six months. It has an approximate cost of 350 euros.

The next touch-up that the program has brought to the fore is the filling of dark circles, cheekbones and nasolabial fold. It is usually done with “hyaluronic acid”, explained the expert. With an approximate price of 2,250 euros.

The program ‘Viva la vida’.

On the nose, according to Gómez Villar, the journalist would have undergone a Rhinoplasty. “To correct the tip and the easel”, indicated the surgeon. It would have cost you about 5,000 euros.

The program also analyzed that María Patiño has improved her smile with the veneer treatment and teeth whitening. With a cost of about 800 euros.

In the chest area he would have undergone “an increase and an elevation” as indicated by the doctor. He would have undergone surgery and would have spent about 5,500 euros.

They also analyzed another retouch, in this case the cervical lift. It is done in the neck area to avoid sagging. Around 600 euros.

The next touch-up would be the hand rejuvenation. In this case, the stains are removed and the holes in the thin hands are filled. Also with “hyaluronic acid” and a cost of about 600 euros.

Finally, José Manuel Gómez Villar analyzed another treatment: the liposuction. The doctor believes that it is likely that he had liposuction to remove fat. With an approximate price of 6,000 euros.

With all this, María Patiño would have spent around 26,000 euros on retouching, as explained by the “Viva la vida” program.