The particular training of Bianca Andreescu in the pandemic

The champion of Open USA, the Canadian Bianca Andreescu (19 years old), is drawing on imagination and mental strength to make up for limited training opportunities amid confinement by COVID-19 in Canada. On the horizon, the interrupted assault on the throne of women’s tennis.

Andreescu, currently ranked sixth in the world, won his first title of the WTA at Indian Wells last year and then beat Serena Williams in the final in Toronto, repeating success over the American in the Open USA, being his first Grand Slam crown.

Andreescu has been strengthened by physical problems, which again and again prevent him from having continuity on the WTA Tour. She was stopped after the problem in the left knee suffered in the WTA finals, in October, and now the pandemic stops any attempt to reappear.

It’s difficult in Toronto, even the parks closed

Andreescu, the first Canadian to win an individual Grand Slam, said the current shutdown had taught her not to take anything for granted and to work mentally.

”It is difficult here in Toronto because they even closed the parks. Therefore, no one can play tennis, basketball, or even sit on a bench. But I have been working on my mind. As much as I can. It is a very powerful game, a tool that I like to use ”, he explained in the podcast of Tennis Lege
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All Grand Slam are a goal and the world number one, too

“I don’t know what to expect in the future, but I’m going to do my best, I don’t like to lose, so we’ll see, but all the Grand Slam are a goal and the world number one, too.”

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