The painful ‘post’ of Raúl Moro to the late Guerini

Moor Y Daniel
Guerini They were partners in the Spring of the SS Lazio. The Spanish international and former Barça player recently went to Italy in search of the prominence that was granted to him here. And there, in the Lazio subsidiary, he is making his life while trying to fulfill his dream.
And in the day-to-day life of the Catalan forward Daniel Guerini, a young promise of 19-year-old Italian football with whom he had connected well, “slipped”. For this reason, Raúl Moro, confirmed by the death of his friend in a traffic accident in Rome, has dedicated a meaningful and painful ‘post’ that cannot leave indifferent: “Although you joined the team a few months ago you quickly became a great friend and one of ours. I can’t believe life is so unfair sometimes. You will always be in my heart brother ”, he has written.