The overpriced whim Asraf has spent the Strong House award on

Isa P and Asraf Beno entered the latest edition of ‘The Strong House’ as the couple with the most name. And despite not winning, they rose as one of the great protagonists. Thanks, above all, to conflict what Kiko rivera and his mother Isabel Pantoja starred out and that, logically, splashed them.

Despite everything, the couple managed to stay in the house until the end, thus obtaining the prize money that this entails. Money that Asraf has begun to polish as soon as he left the ‘reality’.

This is how he has shared it himself through his Instagram account, where he has shown off his new ‘toy’. Its about Iphone 12 pro max, the most expensive and modern mobile on the market right now: “Yeaaaaahh !!!”, an excited Asraf wrote next to an image of the device.

The very expensive whim on which Asraf has spent the prize of ‘The Strong House’

A gift of kings in advance that costs a whopping 1299 euros. Of course, a real madness accessible for very few pockets.