The ‘overbooking’ on the right side splashes Víctor Gómez

The most notorious season that he has starred in the Mirandés, where it has been yielded, it might be worthless to Víctor Gómez in as for gaining a hole in the staff of the Spanish 2021/22. The promising right-back, 21, shares a position with Oscar Gil Y Miguelón, two footballers who count for Vicente Moreno, and although his challenge is to convince the coach, it seems that he has it difficult. If to this is added the irruption of a Omar El Hilali on which the plans go through the fact that this next course would be fixed in the B and would have minutes in the first team, Victor Gomez there is absolutely no room.

In recent weeks there had been talk about the possibility of her landing at the Saragossa, but the hand box would not be willing to take over its record, a ‘sine qua non’ condition of the Spanish. And according to La Grada Ràdio, the footballer would even value the option of a transfer when he understands that he is not available.

In this sense, it should be remembered that Victor Gomez, raised in the Dani jarque Being one of the great pearls of the perica quarry for many years, it has a contract until 2025.