The options Atleti has to win the League after being winter champion

He Atlético de Madrid was proclaimed winter champion after winning at Seville at Metropolitan by 2-0. The mattresses will finish the first round leaders. And that there is still a day left for the championship to reach the halfway point and the rojiblancos have two games less than most of their rivals. Quite an achievement.

Currently the pupils of Simeone they have 41 points after having played 16 games. Four more than him Real Madrid, seven more than Barcelona and nine more than him Villarreal when all of them have played two games more than him Athletics. Undoubtedly, the league title is very expensive…. But what options are there to win the League by remaining winter champion?

Along the history

Well, the truth is that it does not guarantee anything, so the Cholo and its players must follow game by game. Throughout history, the winter champion has been league champion in 45 of the 89 editions of the championship. Although the truth is that this statistic is very altered by the first years of the competition in which it had less value than in the current one. In fact, the leader of the first round only ended up lifting the title in four of the first 22 tournaments.

A situation that has changed a lot over the years. Now, the teams are more regular and that has led to the fact that normally the team that ends up leading the first round ends up lifting the league trophy. This has happened in 22 of the last 30 championships. And that last season the Barcelona the first round finished leader and the champion was the Real Madrid. But the previous four years had this circumstance. In this way the azulgrana team has achieved 14 leagues, the white box six, while the Atlético de Madrid He did it in the year of the Double and the Valencia in 2003-04.

In mattress history

The honorary title of winter champion has meant nothing to the mattresses throughout history. They have achieved it eight times, counting this season, and so far that season they were only champions twice. In 65-66 with players like Adelardo, Griffa or Necklace and on 95-96 with Simeone on the pitch accompanied by footballers like Caminero, Pantic or Kiko
. The rest were left without a title. As it happened in 41-42; 46-47, 67.68; 75-76; and 80-81.

In the last league that the Atlético de Madrid the winter champion was Barcelona, ​​but on goal difference because they finished the first round tied on points with Cholo’s pupils. Equality was maintained throughout the championship and finally it was the mattresses who took the cat into the water thanks to that goal from Godin at Camp Nou. This year at the moment everything is very different.