The offer that Liverpool prepares for Saúl

One of the soap operas of this summer is still the output of Saúl Ñíguez of Atlético de Madrid. An exit that is still stuck because great offers do not arrive for the player from Elche or for the club or for the player.

The last club to appear on the scene is Liverpool. The group that directs Jurgen Klopp looking for a player capable of replacing Wijnaldun that a few weeks ago he left the club after ending his contract with the reds. After negotiating with Barcelona, ​​he ended up deciding for PSG.

Well now the Daily Mail has unveiled the offer they have been preparing since Anfield to seize the services of Saúl and that according to said publication the Atlético de Madrid I would be willing to let him out. They assure that the rojiblancos would accept a transfer for 35 million pounds, about 40 million euros. A figure very far from the 80 that mattress makers initially ask for. Let us remember that its termination clause amounts to 150 million euros.

In this way, everything indicates that the soap opera of the Saúl Ñíguez of Atlético de Madrid runs its course. In fact, both the club and the player are closer to finally completing one more year of contract than leaving this summer.