The notice of a former WHO director about what can happen in Spain with the pandemic

Daniel López Acuña, epidemiologist and former WHO director, has re-analyzed the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in Spain, as it has been doing in recent months after the outbreak of the virus. Speaking to Cope, Acuña advocates a “home confinement of two to four weeks” for the CCAA (autonomous communities) with a high incidence of the virus, in order to bend the curve that continues to rise in recent weeks.

The epidemiologist assures that previously, in the month of November, there should have been “a short confinement and resounding “so that” the incidence and the curve fell “much more than what happened at Christmas.

“More severe restrictions were necessary”

The public health expert has recognized that the great widespread snowfall throughout the country, “may affect vaccination”, although emphasizing that the rate of vaccination that was being applied in the territory was too slow. “It is not acceptable that in the first 10 days there was an availability of approximately 750,000 doses and only 80,000 were put.” There are exceptions, such as the case of the community of Asturias, where 100% of the doses have been applied.

“The third wave will be more virulent”

In other statements collected by Onda Vasca, Daniel López Acuña explains that we are fully entering a third wave of the pandemic due to the relaxation of the restrictive measures that were applied during Christmas. “More severe restrictions were necessary,” he said.

In addition, Acuña emphatically warned that, “The third wave will be more virulent”, given that the current incidence is higher than that of the second wave of the pandemic that occurred in summer. “Now we are in an incidence ten times higher”.

Returning to the issue of vaccines, the same epidemiologist assures that “in vaccination there must be no holidays or weekends. You have to vaccinate as if it were a military operation, a war operation “, given the gravity of the situation.

In turn, he wanted to make it clear that “vaccines are safe and effective”, and that it is the “best weapon” to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic that continues to hit Spain with virulence.