The nod to ‘Here there is no one who lives’ at the end of ‘La Que Se Avecina’ that surprises everyone

For a few weeks, Amazon Prime Video has on its platform the second part of the twelfth season of ‘La Que Se Avecina’. Eight chapters that represent the end of Mirador de Montepinar and with which the fans of the series have solved many mysteries.

After a script twist that announced to the neighbors of Montepinar the expropriation of their homes to build a road, the characters of ‘The One That Comes‘are leading in this last season in not leaving their homes. The movement, led by the Justice Clowns, leads the neighbors to invent them all to avoid ending up on their feet in the street.

The popular Telecinco series has been on the air for almost 13 years.

(From here the news may contain spoilers)

But the neighbors, despite all the disagreements they have experienced over the years, decide in an urgent meeting to start a new life together in another building that is being built in the center of the city.

However, Enrique Pastor He is not very convinced of continuing to live with the same people. Although he can be pressured by his neighbors and he ends up joining the initiative. After the unanimous celebration of what they have just achieved, the character played by José Luis Gil looks at the camera and releases an endearing “What a mess!”, A mythical phrase from Juan Cuesta, his character in ‘Here there is no one who lives’, the Antena 3 series.