The new regulations for Lleida after its confinement: What can be done?

The Generalitat of Catalunya yesterday announced that the Segrià region would return to confinement due to a notable increase in cases of coronavirus. That is why the entrances and exits of the affected territory have been restricted and social gatherings have been limited to ten people, among other things.

Next, the new regulations established by the Govern for the affected territory and which came into force last Saturday at 12 noon:

– Exit and entry to the region is prohibited until further notice.

– Travel within the affected territory is allowed but it is recommended that it be minimized as much as possible.

– Transit mobility is authorized: you can use the highways and expressways that pass through the area.

– The use of masks is mandatory.

– The stays are restricted to a maximum of 10 people.

– Visits to relatives in residences are prohibited.

– Continues the operation of public transport, use of parks and general activities.

The Minister of the Interior, Miquel Buch (d), visits a road control in the Segrià region.

He was the president of the Govern, Quim Torra, the person in charge of communicating this news, after participating in an urgent Procicat meeting, called after the outbreaks registered in the province.

“It is important that we now make this effort to protect you and your loved ones,” insisted the Catalan leader. “We have warned from the beginning that all precautions need to be taken and advice and recommendations must be followed.”